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Mixing in Monterey Canyon

The project 
was supported by NSF through grants OCE 0751226 (APL/UW, PIs: Michael Gregg, Matthew Alford, and Ren-Chieh Lien) and 0751420 (U of Hawaii, PI: Glenn Carter). It combined modelling and intensive field observations in the Monterey Submarine Canyon and Ascension canyon.

The specific objectives of this project were to:
  • Understand how much M2 energy in Monterey Canyon comes from offshore vs. internal generation.
  • Understand how the internal tide propagates around bends.
  • Understand why the internal tide in Monterey Canyon sometimes produces standing instead of propagating waves.
  • Quantify the mixing and parameters of mechanisms producting it, e.g., scattering lee waves and jumps.
  • Measure the internal tide flux into the nearby Ascension Canyon and identify and quantify mixing along the canyon's axis.