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IWISE: field work

2010 Pilot Experiment

During summer 2010, two IWISE pilot cruises took place on the R/V Revelle.  The first cruise took place from 19 June - 2 July ( Pinkel & Klymak ).  The second cruise took place from 14 August - 12 September (Alford, MacKinnon, Nash, Simmons).  On both cruises, ~36 hour full-depth LADCP/CTD stations were occupied at various locations, measuring water velocity and vertical displacement caused by internal waves. During the second cruise, 2 profiling moorings were also deployed for ~20 days.

Measurements were made along two main lines: a "Northern" line running east-west at 20.6N, and a "Southern" line running from NW to SE (see figure).

2011 Main Experiment

The main IWISE field experiment took throughout summer 2011.  First, a large mooring array (see image below) was deployed in June along the same lines as the 2010 Pilot ( with CTD/LADCP stations replaced by profiling moorings).  The mooring array would measure long-term changes and provide context for a variety of  other measurements including CTD/LADCP stat ions, microstructure profiling, towed CTD chains, gliders, and satellite imagery.  The mooring array was recovered in August.